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Available for: iPhone, iPad, Android

Squish and smush your way through a fantastical PLAY-DOH world

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Squish PLAY-DOH to grow!

In PLAY-DOH Jam, you play as a rolling PLAY-DOH ball- drag your finger on the screen to make a path and roll over PLAY-DOH targets along the way. The more you squash with your PLAY-DOH ball, the bigger the ball becomes and the faster it rolls.

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Different Worlds to Save!

Each level depicts a unique PLAY-DOH world that you are tasked to save. With evolving, re-playable levels, you'll enjoy countless hours of PLAY-DOH fun. Future game updates will include even more worlds to explore and save.

Unlock New Monsters!

As you progress through the game, you'll unlock tons of monsters and items. Unlock and release new creatures out of virtual PLAY-DOH, and see them come to life in the game.

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Battle Big Beasts!

Watch out for the huge PLAY-DOH beasts at the end of each level. They try to block you from saving each world. Don't worry- just hurl your PLAY-DOH ball to take them down with a splat!

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