Please find solutions to our most frequently asked support questions below. For Android specific questions please visit our Android FAQ! For Amazon Device specific questions, please visit our Amazon FAQ!

We kindly ask that you read through this list before sending us a support email. When sending a support email, please be sure to include your device (generation), iOS or Android version and Game Center nickname.

Please note: We do not provide support for jailbroken devices!


While we are not able to transfer games from an iOS (Apple) Device to an Android device, as long as you are Facebook friends you can visit parks, give gem gifts and collect party hats with your friends, regardless of device.

DragonVale accounts and their data are NOT transferable between iOS (Apple) and Android. You cannot access your iOS (Apple) DragonVale game from an Android Device, nor can you access your Android DragonVale game from an iOS (Apple) Device.


Billing Issues

How do I request a refund for charges from Backflip Studios iOS Games?

Unfortunately, Backflip Studios is unable to credit or reverse any charges for app downloads or in-app purchases, as the billing and refunds are completely handled by Apple. Please visit our iOS specific refund page here.

How can I disable in-app purchases?

You can disable in-app purchases in your device’s Settings app.  Instructions and more information are available here.

I entered my password once to download an app or to buy only one item.  Why does my iTunes bill shows multiple purchases made on the same day?

By default, Apple’s iOS allows multiple purchases inside a 15-minute window once you enter your password.  To avoid unintended purchases in the future, you can change your settings to require a password with every purchase.

I purchased an item in one of your games and my iTunes account was charged, but I haven’t received my purchase in the game.

We’re very sorry to hear that your purchases haven’t shown up!  Please send an email to support@backflipstudios.com and include the following:

  • Your Game Center nickname
  • A copy of your iTunes receipt

Our support team will follow up with you to resolve the issue.  Thanks for your patience.

I’m unable to make in-app purchases.

First, check to make sure that in-app purchases are enabled on your device:

  1. Tap your “Settings” icon.
  2. Select “General”
  3. Select “Restrictions”
  4. Scroll down to “In-App Purchases” and make sure that the toggle switch is set to “ON”

Next, make sure your billing account information in iTunes is up to date.

If you are still having issues, it may be caused by poor connectivity during the purchase attempt.  Please make sure your device is connected to either WiFi or your cellular network (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, etc.).

Lastlyplease ensure you have the correct date/time settings on your device.

  1. Tap your “Settings” icon.
  2. Select “General”
  3. Select “Date & Time” and ensure that the Time Zone/Time and Date are correct.

Game Center

I forgot my Game Center password.

Please visit Apple iForgot to retrieve, change or reset your Game Center password.


I updated and now DragonVale exits to the home screen after tapping “Friends” or while scrolling through my friends list.

We are aware of this issue affecting some players and are currently working on a fix.  If your device is running iOS 4.3 or lower, we suggest updating your device’s iOS as this has fixed the issue for users with older iOS.  Thank you very much for your patience while we fix this issue!

My game started over from Level 1 and I lost all of my progress! How can I get back to where I was in the game?

This can happen if you had to change your AppleID password, updated your iOS, were required to agree to new Apple Terms of Service, created a new Game Center nickname, or logged out of Game Center altogether.

  • First, open the Game Center app and make certain you are logged in to your Game Center account with the same account under which you were previously playing.
  • If you need to retrieve your Game Center password or account information, please contact Apple support as we do not have access to that information.
  • If a technical situation requires a park transfer we will do our best to accommodate.  But in general we do not perform park transfers.

Can I allow more than one person to create their own separate game/park on the same device?

Yes, different GameCenter accounts/nicknames allow for multiple games. Please follow these steps to create a new Game Center nickname:

  1. Open the Game Center App and tap “Me” on the bottom bar.
  2. Tap the banner that says “Account: [your email address]”
  3. You’ll get a pop-up — select “Sign Out”.
  4. On the next screen, tap the banner that says “Create New Account”.
  5. Follow the steps to create a new Game Center nickname.
    PARENTS: Please walk through this process with your children and keep their security questions/password somewhere for safekeeping. If your children are sharing one device, they will have to sign in and out of the Game Center with their unique nicknames every time they play the game in order to access their unique park.

If you are experiencing any of the following issues:

  • The game won’t load properly or is stuck on the loading screen.
  • An error message pops up that says “Internal Error”
  • The game is frozen or is running very slowly.

Please try power cycling your iOS device. You can do this by:

  1. Pressing and holding the power button (on the top of your device) until prompted to “Slide to power off.”
  2. Slide the toggle to the right.
  3. After the device has turned off, wait 10 seconds then press and hold the power button until the device powers back up.

View a YouTube video with step by step instructions.

If this does not solve your problem:
You can also uninstall and reinstall DragonVale. Please note some extra steps in our uninstall/reinstall process. It is important to follow all of them in order. Also, if you are playing a LOCALLY stored park meaning one not stored through Game Center, please do not uninstall the game as this will erase your data. If you are playing on an iPod Touch 2nd Generation, please do not uninstall the game as you will not be able to re-download due to new technical limitations

  1. Uninstall DragonVale by pressing and holding the DragonVale icon. When it begins to wiggle and an ‘X’ appears in the top left corner, tap the ‘X’ (All game data is backed up on our server and associated with your GameCenter ID. Your data will not be lost!!)
  2. Sign out of GameCenter
  3. Sign back into GameCenter (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4314)
  4. Reinstall DragonVale through the App Store
  5. Power cycle your device.

If you are still having issues, please email us at support@backflipstudios.com.  Please be sure to include your Game Center nickname in the email.

I have a local park and want to associate it to an existing or new Game Center account to protect my data – how do I do that?

If you want to associate your Local park with your Game Center account, please follow these steps:

1. Log into Game Center (be sure to do this on the device that has the local park associated with it)

2. Launch DragonVale

3. You will receive a Prompt asking if you want to continue playing your Local park or Game Center – Select Game Center

4. At this point, your Local Park should now be associated with your Game Center Account

5. If you receive another prompt after selecting Game Center, be sure to choose the higher level park (this will only happen if you have played DragonVale with your Game Center account in the past)

Moving forward, you must log into Game Center to access your park. Please note that this is a permanent choice and once you associate your local park to your Game Center account, this cannot be undone!

Will I lose my game data/park or start back at Level 1 if I uninstall DragonVale from my device?

All game data is backed up on our server and associated with your Game Center nickname. Even if you uninstall the game from your device, we will store your game components.  This includes, but is not limited to, dragons, decorations, treasure (DragonCash, Gems and Food), and all other items in the game.

If you are playing locally, meaning you aren't using Game Center at all - please email us before uninstalling the game. If your game is not associated with a Game Center account and you uninstall, this effectively removes your progress from the device and makes it very difficult for us to recover progress.

If you are playing on an iPod Touch 2nd Generation, please do not uninstall DragonVale. The update 1.12 was the last update available for iPod Touch 2nd Generation due to the technical limitations of the device. While you will still be able to play DragonVale and access your park, you will not be able to download new updates or content and if you uninstall the game, you will be unable to download the newest update. Please email us if you have any questions. 

Can I access my current DragonVale game progress and scores on a different device?

Yes.  All game data is associated with your Game Center nickname. As long as you sign in to Game Center with the nickname associated with your park, all of your data will be populated on any device.

I’m getting an error message that says “Connection Error” or “Session Timed Out”.

If you are getting a connection error, this means that at some point during play you were disconnected from the Internet. Unfortunately there isn’t much support we can provide.

Check your WiFi/3G/4G connection and make sure your signal is strong.  Sometimes this issue resolves itself, but you should call your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or Wireless provider if you have this issue repeatedly.

How do I add friends in DragonVale?
There are two ways to add friends in a game.  It is important to note you can only add friends who have the game installed on their device.

Add friends through Facebook:

Make sure that both people have allowed Facebook access in the game.

  1. You can do this by clicking on the “Friends” icon to pop-up the “Social” screen.
  2. Click the Facebook “Login” button.
  3. “Allow” the game access to Facebook.
  4. Once Facebook access is allowed in the game, you can tap the “Friends” icon in the game and you will see a list of your Facebook friends who also have the game enabled on Facebook.

Add friends through Game Center:

Make sure that both people have signed up for Game Center and have a registered nickname.

  1. Open Game Center.  On the bottom banner, tap “Friends”
  2. Tap the “+” in the top left corner.
  3. Type your friends’ email or Game Center nickname and then click “Send” in the top right corner.  A friend request will be sent directly to their device.

My DragonVale Friend List is not showing all of my friends.

This is a known bug that we are in the process of fixing.  In the meantime, you may be able to solve the problem by force quitting DragonVale.

In very rare instances, force quitting the game may not work.  In this case, please try reinstalling DragonVale.
1. Uninstall the game (Don’t worry, your game data will not be lost!)

2. Sign-out of Game Center

3. Sign back in to Game Center

4. Reinstall the game through the App Store

5. Restart your device
Thank you for your patience as we fix this issue!

I’m unable to buy any new DragonVale Habitats.  They are greyed out in the DragonVale Market.

It sounds like you have reached the maximum number of allowed habitats for the current level of your park.  If you look at any habitat in the Market, you’ll see a number in the lower left hand corner that shows your habitat quota.  For example, if you see “13/14”, it means that you have built 13 of the 14 allowable habitats at your current level.  “14/14” means that you have maxed out all allowable habitats for your current level. Try leveling up your park to unlock additional habitats.

How does gem gifting work in DragonVale?

Every 24 hours you can gift a total of 3 gems–one gem to each of 3 friends on your friend list.

You can also buy a Dragonsai Gifting Tree in the Market to increase the number of friends you can gift up to six. Please note that purchasing the Dragonsai Gifitng Tree will not give you more gems to use in your park, it only increases the number of gems you can gift to your friends.

Is there any way to get a Holiday or Special Event Dragon that I missed?

Unfortunately special event and holiday dragons are just that…very special! We certainly hope these rare dragons will make a return to DragonVale in the coming year!

Why doesn’t my Park Value Score in Game Center increase, even though I’m improving my DragonVale Park?

The Game Center Score reflects the highest score you have ever achieved in DragonVale.  Unless you surpass that score, the number will stay the same.

Why am I no longer getting XP in DragonVale?

As you obtain higher levels in DragonVale (especially Level 25+), a large amount of XP is required to notice a change in the XP Bar. Also, if you have reached the MAX level in the game (currently 55) you will not gain experience.

Why are my dragons stuck in the breeding cave with no incubation button or progress bar?

We are sorry; this is a known bug we are working to fix.  In the meantime, please send an email to support@backflipstudios.com and include your Game Center nickname.  We’ll fix the issue right away!

iPhone and iPad Basics

How to Uninstall an App

  1. Touch and hold an app icon on the Home screen until the icons start to jiggle.
  2. Tap the “x” in the upper left hand corner of the icon for the application you wish to remove.  A pop-up will ask you to confirm the deletion.
  3. Press the Home button to return to normal.

How to Force Quit an App

  1. Press the home button.
  2. Press the home button again twice.   You’ll see a tray of recently used App Icons appear at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Touch and hold an app icon in the tray, until the icons start to jiggle.
  4. Tap the “-” in the upper left hand corner of the icon for the application you wish to force quit.  The app icon will disappear from the recently used tray.
  5. Press the Home button to return to normal.

How to Take a Picture of Your Screen (Screenshot)

  1. Press and hold the Home button, then simultaneously press the Sleep/Wake button.
  2. Your screen flashes and the picture will appear in your Camera Roll.

How to Restart Your Device

  1. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the red slider appears.
  2. Slide your finger across the slider to turn off iPhone.
  3. To turn iPhone back on, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo appears.

How to Disable In-App Purchases on Your Device

  1. Go to “Settings” -> “General”
  2. Select “Restrictions”
  3. Tap “Enable Restrictions”  You’ll be asked to enter and confirm a PIN code.  (Skip this step if you’ve already enabled Restrictions)
  4. Scroll down to “In-App Purchases” and slide the toggle to “OFF”

How to Require a Password for Every Purchase on Your Device

  1. Go to “Settings” -> “General”
  2. Select “Restrictions”
  3. Tap “Enable Restrictions” You’ll be asked to enter and confirm a PIN code.  (Skip this step if you’ve already enabled Restrictions)
  4. Scroll down and tap “Require Password”
  5. Tap “Immediately”


Suggestions/ Feedback

I have an idea for Backflip Studios, what should I do?

While we love that our fans are excited about our games and Backflip Studios, due to legal issues we do not accept unsolicited gaming or other product ideas, concepts, or other similar material.

How do I report a bug I found in the game?

If the problem or issue you found is not covered in this FAQ, please send an email with the name of the game, your device type and iOS version and a detailed description of the problem to: support@backflipstudios.com

When will more Backflip Studios games be available on Android or other platforms?

We are working as quickly as we can to make more of our Backflip Studios Games available on the Android platform. We don’t have an official timeline for this yet, but be sure to check the Android Market for updates!